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The Fastest Way To Taking Award-Winning Photos And Getting Published Is the 6-Week Online Masterclass "Maximum Emotional Impact".


24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.


Maximum Emotional Impact (MEI) Masterclass is a proven and tested 6-week implementation program that teaches you how to consistently take stunning wildlife photos that could help you win awards and get published.


It doesn't matter if you are already a seasoned pro, or you don't have any tech skills or any previous experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program. 


  • The methods taught in the 6-week program have been "battle-tested" and proven with students winning national and international awards. 


(Materials for the first week will be available Oct 21, 2018)

When You Join MEI Masterclass, You Get Access To:


Weekly video tutorial (both streaming and download link, lifetime access so you can take it at your own speed) based on the curriculum and receive info in email on the bi-weekly Live conference call, plus the exclusive facebook group info. 


Week 1-- Module 1: Your New Eye. You will see things differently from then on.

  • I will help you find your best shots (sometimes award-winning shots) from your archive even if you think you have none.
  • You will develop new eye to see both in choosing your best work and seeing in the field.
  • I will help you capture the attention of the viewers: master light, exposure, head angles, background, noise, etc. 


Week 2-- Module 2: I will help you craft your own defining story that can evoke emotion-- aka self expression. Everybody has their unique story. (but most have no idea what it is)

  • Then I will teach you how to match your story with your photography style in terms of light, angles, composition, animal behavior, etc. No one has taught that before.


Week 3-- Module 3: How to create 3 secrets in your photo to evoke emotion. (everyone screw up the secrets)

  • Experts only taught you how to get a sharp picture with creamy background and good head angle. But that's wrong. But that's not your fault. It took me years to find that out too. No one taught you how to trigger emotion in viewers using simplicity, beauty and mystery. I will tell you how to do that step by step.


Week 4-- Module 4: Create a stack that evoke emotion -- the whole MEI 5-layer framework, how to maximize the emotion in your photos, a step-by-step guide to create the image in the field.


Week 5-- Module 5: Create that one unexpected thing, that people will go “wow”-– understand most people are having information overload. Need something to wake them up. This is especially critical for submitting to contests.


Week 6-- Module 6: Advanced fast technique (such as the Birds-in-Flight technique) to nail every difficult fast action shots, how to acquire focus, how to handle heavy gear, how to get yourself in position, how to pre-visualize your shots, and step by step guide to remove distraction in your photos in the field. Also a guide to remove deadly mistakes.


Regular price for the Masterclass is $1,495, but now you can have it for $997. But WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL...



•Bonus 1: ($397 value) How to find animals, how to plan trips, my thought process, how I get photos that win awards or get published in first trips: Alaska, winter Yellowstone, Falkland Islands, Colorado, Florida. And it will be based on the Maximum Emotional Impact Framework.

•Bonus 2: ($600 value) Exclusive Access to my private facebook group where I and other members answer questions and critique your photos

•Bonus 3: ($300 value) 6 bi-weekly Live Q&A group calls

•Bonus 4: The business of photography, how to sell prints (e.g. $2,000 prints), best way to create website, printing, exhibit, social media secrets


•Total bonuses value $1,297. Total value: $1,497+$1,297 = $2,794


About the instructor:

Tin Man Lee is a wildlife photographer who is the 2018 winner of wildlife category in Nature's Best Photography (NBP) Windland Smith Rice. His winning photo will be displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History 2018-2019. He's also the Grand Prize winner of the 2013 NBP Windland Smith Rice, and he has won highly honored awards in birds, polar and animal antics categories. He also won the NANPA Top 10. He had an invited 5-month solo exhibit of 48 of his photos at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2015 and his works have been exhibited at the G2 Gallery. He has been an invited judge for Viewbug and NBP Asia. His photos have made the cover of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Alaska Magazine, NBP magazines, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, NANPA Expressions, and the Smithsonian Calendar. He has been featured by Smithsonian Earth, Google Nik, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Alaska Magazine, Peta Pixel,, NANPA, etc. He is specialized in evoking emotion in wildlife photography. He had a PhD in Biomedical Engineering specializing in neuro-imaging and medical image analysis. He currently teaches a Maximum Emotional Impact masterclass and a Dynamic Tension Stacking photo editing class. 


​I found the course to be worth every pennyI’ve learned so much and will continue to put what I’ve learned into practice. 

I have nothing but praise for the course!


I have learned a lot - particularly on the emotion side of photography.  That would be what I would say is the thing that I have learned the most from and did not expect to find in the course.  

I believe it is something that your bootcamp offers that is not offered by any other photography course.


100% Satisfaction guarantee. 

Our training program is proven with numerous students winning awards and getting published. We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Therefore, as long as you do the homework and show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30days of purchase.